Colour up your life

With Apple Green und Poona Pink
to brighten up the mood,
and with Gold, Balsamico and Leaf
to warm the heart
against the winter blues and drably
infectious spirit.

The Power of Red

Bold red for the open-air season. 
For more spunk, 
fresh courage to face life, 
and love that lasts.
Full speed ahead. 
Bye-bye “bad vibes”. 


Cosy merino for glamour & glory. 
In midnight blue to call it a day, 
in black & white to sip the perfect drink, 
in violet for billiards 
or a nativity tableau. 

Fresh Dressing

Light, wind, sunshine, brightness. 
Stay cool with hazy hues
in airy taffeta or energetic
cotton power. 
Body-framing fit for unbridled
joy of life.